Everyday Moments

We're living in a whole new world these days... but despite the challenges, there are always moments that make it a little brighter. This month at Ipanema, we celebrate the Everyday Moments that lift our spirits, with styles to suit the mood. .

No matter where you are or what your day looks like, there's an Ipanema for you..

  1. Bossa Soft II
    Bossa Soft II

  1. Bossa Soft IV Fem
    Bossa Soft IV Fem

  1. Vibe Sandal Fem
    Vibe Sandal Fem

  1. Breezy Sandal Fem
    Breezy Sandal Fem
    ₱1,299.00 ₱1,795.00
  2. Mix Fem
    Mix Fem

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